Höggøx Paddle

Perfect for the player who wants to maximize power and spin.


Paddle Shape

Standard vs. blade shape

The Standard Shape has a balanced weight, helps with blocks at the net, and has a more forgiving sweet spot.

The Blade Shape is skinnier and longer with more head weight for driving through the ball. The blade shape is typically used by more experienced players and players looking to add to their reach without slowing you down at the net.


Harness our Shape the Ball™ technology with our new Höggøx paddle. Made with the best T700 Raw Carbon Fiber and a power core. If you are looking for a pro grade paddle with both power and spin this Hoggox is for you!


Weight: 8 oz

Standard Shape:
Length & Width: 15.5″ x 7.75″
Thickness: 1/2″ (13mm)
Handle Length: 4.25″

Blade Shape:
Length & Width: 16″ x 7.25″
Thickness: 0.5″
Handle Length: 4.25″

Shipping & Returns

Our paddles are manufactured for excellence on the court. If you notice a manufacturing defect within 90 days of your purchase, Mak Pickleball will replace it free of charge, just pay shipping! See Details


USAPA Certified

All of our paddles passed the USA Pickleball’s rigorous testing standards and is approved for play in all tournaments.

Shape the Ball ™

Our Shape the Ball™ technology helps you put the ideal amount of spin on the ball for the perfectly placed drop.

Honeycomb Core

Our honeycomb polypropylene core has been proven for decades to be the most stable hitting core available.

Paddle Grip

Our vented and tacky cushion grip handle is just the right size for single-handed play with enough room for two-handers and allows for easy articulation between forehand and backhand swings.

7 reviews for Höggøx Paddle

  1. Jeff

    The Hoggox is a premium paddle in every sense of the word. It looks great, feels great and plays amazing! It’s durable without being clunky, offers plenty of power without sacrificing touch. I’ve been able to shape my shots with this paddle better than any other I’ve used so far. For the price, it’s an absolute must try for any player who’s ready to own a high quality paddle.

  2. Marc H. IPTPA Level 1 & Level 2 Pickleball Teaching Professional

    This past December I was fortunate enough to play with the new Hoggox Paddle from MAK Pickleball and WOW has it been awesome! The additional control and ball placement precision it has given my game have been priceless. After just a few drill sessions and games I felt like I had been using the paddle for months and it helped me to a silver medal in my first tournament of 2024!

  3. Jack E. (age 12)

    The sweet spot seems to be a great size and the carbon fiber provides great control. The grip stands out from many of the other paddles I have tried.

  4. Julie C.

    Best paddle I’ve ever used. Clearly better than the expensive name brands. I’m a power player and the Hoggox gives me plenty to work with AND delivers control. The carbon surface grabs the ball, enabling spin. I’ve been using mine for three months and it looks and plays as perfect as day 1. No surface wear or dead spots. I just need a spare for my bag as my friends keep buying my backup paddle!

  5. Derrick Cox Head Instructor Smashing Barn Pickleball

    As a Pickleball coach, I can confidently say that it’s a game-changer on the court. This paddle has exceeded my expectations, making it a top choice for both recreational players and those looking to up their tournament game. This paddle stands out for several reasons, first off, it’s the best “Bang for your Buck” paddle around, my students appreciate they don’t have to invest $300 to get a professional grade paddle. Second, it maintains its performance over countless matches making it a reliable choice for continuous improvement. Third, the paddle responsiveness ensures that players can finesse dinks and execute powerful smashes with equal ease.

  6. Greg

    Really liking the Hoggox! That raw carbon fiber gives the best grip/spin of anything on the market, from what I’ve seen. But also like the pop it gives and the balance of the paddle. My wife is trying to steal my paddle for her use, but I now like this paddle better than the Selkirk carbon paddle I have so I need another one.

  7. Jess

    The Höggøx a well balanced and perfectly weighted paddle, I don’t know how they make it feel so light! I’ve been amazed at the difference it makes in the shape and speed of the ball from serve to put away.

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