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Fire Paddle

Perfect for the player who uses power over placement to put the heat on their opponent.


Paddle Shape

Standard vs. blade shape

The Standard Shape has a balanced weight, helps with blocks at the net, and has a more forgiving sweet spot.

The Blade Shape is skinnier and longer with more head weight for driving through the ball. The blade shape is typically used by more experienced players and players looking to add to their reach without slowing you down at the net.


Wield the power of fire in the palm of your hand. Made with a multilayer fiberglass skin on both sides, you can light up your opponents all day long. Hit impressive forehand and backhand drives with enough spin to drop over the net, counterpunch blocks with added pace, nail overhead slams, perfect fast-spinning serves, and everything in between. Power is the focus of the Fire Paddle design without sacrificing control. Power and pace will shine through your game to outmatch your opponent.


Weight: 7.9oz

Standard Shape:
Length & Width: 15.5″ x 7.75″  
Thickness: 0.5″
Handle Length: 4.25″ 

Blade Shape: 
Length & Width: 16″ x 7.25″
Thickness: 0.5″
Handle Length: 4.25″ 

Shipping & Returns

Our paddles are manufactured for excellence on the court. If you notice a manufacturing defect within 90 days of your purchase, Mak Pickleball will replace it free of charge, just pay shipping! See Details


USAPA Certified

All of our paddles passed the USA Pickleball’s rigorous testing standards and is approved for play in all tournaments.

Power Skin Technology

Made from fiberglass, our Power Skin coating provides improved pace and power.

Control Skin Technology

Made from carbon fiber, our Control Skin coating provides increased control for shots and blocking.

Honeycomb Core

Our honeycomb polypropylene core has been proven for decades to be the most stable hitting core available.

Shape the Ball ™

Our Shape the Ball™ technology helps you put the ideal amount of spin on the ball for the perfectly placed drop.

Paddle Grip

Our vented and tacky cushion grip handle is just the right size for single-handed play with enough room for two-handers and allows for easy articulation between forehand and backhand swings.