Our Passion

We love pickleball. The community, the competition. It drives us. And like you, we aren’t ok with just ok. We know that pickleball can be better. Whether that means a better way to organize the order of play or better gear. We know it’s possible. We’re not waiting for the revolution, we’re starting it.



At MAK Pickleball we have two priorities our customers and great pickleball gear. Here’s what that means for you:


Superior Customer Service

Have questions? We’re here. Something unexpected with your paddle? We’re here.


Direct to Consumer

There’s no middle man. You’re buying directly from us, the manufacturer, saving you time and money.


Simply Impactful Design

From start to finish, the technology in our products is designed to make your pickleball game better.


Gear We Stand By

We believe in the gear we make, and we’re confident you will, too. We’re so confident, all our gear comes with either a full or limited warranty.



Don't Cut Corners

We don’t do things halfway. All of our products and gear are made to the highest standards, from the design table to your doorstep.


Are Made to Last

Most pickleball paddles need to be replaced frequently to maintain high performance. Mak Pickleball Paddles are made to outlast the industry standard.


Push the Limits

We see the big picture and how to make it better. Innovation and improvement are cornerstones of our company, and that is reflected in all our gear.

Experience the Revolution