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If you’re like us, you are ready to take your pickleball game to the next level. You are ready for gear designed for tournament players, for rec players, for everyday players. For ways to encourage spontaneous, recreational play. For the players like you in towns like yours. We took matters into our own hands. We started MAK Pickleball.

We have been in your shoes – trying to decipher the differences between paddles and struggling to understand why the best ones seem to cost more than your car payment. Pickleball shouldn’t be confusing or stressful. It should be fun. Your pickleball gear should be part of the solution, not the problem. We are dedicated to helping you revolutionize your play.


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We’re committed to making great Pickleball gear


Paddles for Every Skill Level

Paddles designed to enhance your swing, no matter your skill level. Our paddles undergo rigorous testing during the design phase to offer you the greatest level of durability and function.


Products You Can Trust

We make all of our gear with quality, functionality, and innovation at the forefront. Each element, design choice, and material is intentionally selected to give you the best experience.


Patented Products You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Our Paddle Q® was built with recreational player staging in mind. With the Paddle Q® , you never have to lose your spot in line. It’s intuitive design offers you a stress free staging process all while keeping your paddles safe and holding your spot in the queue.

Hear from our customers

“I’ve been playing with MAK paddles since early Summer 2023, and I can tell you I love them. During my nearly 10 years as a pickleball enthusiast  I’ve played with a number of paddles. My first MAK paddle was the Fire, I was looking to increase the pace and power in my overhand shots. I love that paddle and it was everything I’d hoped for. I still use it when playing with a softer ball.  I then played several months with the Ice paddle, I love that paddle as well.  It’s all about control and I find that it works great for harder balls and early in the morning when the balls are cold. I’ve recently started playing with the Ice Fire, now for an overall paddle this is my favorite. I hold the paddle so that the Fire side is on my forehand and the Ice side is on my backhand. I feel it gives me controlled drop shots from the baseline and Fire power on my overhand. The Ice side on my back-hand gives me great blocking at the net as well as control when returning shots from the base-line with my single or double handed back-hand.   Give these paddles a try; they are a steal  for such versatile well designed paddles.”


“Our club has been using the Paddle Q® for a while now and it has become an indispensable piece of pickleball equipment that greatly enhances player rotation and paddle staging. It eliminates the guessing of which player or players are up next and ensures that paddles are safely stored and readily handy for player access. The Paddle Q® would be very beneficial for use on any sized pickleball court from smaller club-sized ones to the much larger public or private courts where a Paddle Q® could be installed on every court in the complex.”


“Our club loves our Paddle Q®! It organizes our play, helps move the paddles smoothly and it is easy to keep track of who is in next. The ball holder and whiteboard make it the complete package! We no longer need to continually rearrange signs and the balls are available to everyone without interrupting a game to get balls from the inside rack! Our club would recommend this wholeheartedly!”


“We used to have our paddles lined up against the fence.  Now that we have the Paddle Q®, our playing is well organized with players going in and out for club play on the courts.  It’s very simple to use and well built to withstand poor weather conditions in the winters. We have had ours for 2 years with lots of rain and cold, it still performs perfectly.  I would recommend the Paddle Q® to all clubs with outdoor play.”

​Gail B.